About My New Facebook, Part 2

EDIT: I’ve updated this blog. I forgot to finish it or something.

Having a new Facebook account shouldn’t be an emotional process, but in some ways, it is; something noteworthy is how our Facebooks take on a life of their own and become something that is seemingly beyond our control.

Anyway, there’s a story I have to tell about this newest adventure, so here we go.

The blog prior to this explains my initial reasons for deciding to leave the old Facebook account, not the least of which is that Facebook is a poor place to attempt political debate and discourse. I’ve had that other account for a decade down to the month (I signed up in July of 2007), and a decade seemed long enough.

But let’s get to the interesting part. I made a new account and started adding people, then Facebook randomly locked my account about six hours after creation and asked for a photo ID of me. Well, I think they just said photo, but I had my Facebook in Japanese and was tired and maybe had misread what was written.

From that point on, I couldn’t log into Facebook. All I get is a message that says, “Thank you for the photo. We’ll email you as soon as we review it.”

I expected that account to be locked for maybe 24 hours, but no- it’s been a few days, and no email from Facebook.

There’s that possibility…but let’s back up and go to the beginning of registering a new account…Facebook wouldn’t take the email address I entered. I tried several times over, and Facebook continued to tell me the email wasn’t valid or the information wasn’t valid or something like that. So I used my phone number.

That was probably a mistake, because I got a message on my other account saying the phone number had been removed, so…it’s possible Facebook thought I was spam for that reason.

Needless to say, my phone number’s not going on the new account.

My friend, Canova, told me that maybe the universe was telling me to clear out the clutter instead of running from it. Her minimalist wisdom inspired me, and so I began to try to unlike all the pages that were clogging my feed and such.

WELL. The first time I went through, I unliked over 200 pages…and Facebook didn’t register that I had unliked any of them. I tried again…and I would click the boxes of 10 pages, and maybe two would be unfollowed.

Facebook doesn’t usually have an easy way to unlike groups and pages, but I managed to Google and find ways to work around the issue.

So that, I think, may have been the universe telling to make a clean break and burn it all down, which I’m glad I did.

Ultimately, I was forced to create a new email account- this time one that Facebook randomly and magically accepted- and go from there. My plan is to focus on art and making the world a better place in the way that I can.

The reality is that in the resistence, if you’re not ready for the battle, if you’re in the way, you have to stand back. On Twitter, someone made this point- they said, “This isn’t your fight.” People with anxiety disorders and so on- not our fight, not our place to be on the frontlines. We’ll get hurt and then be a burden on the other people who know what they’re doing.

But what some of us CAN do is be the healer. We can be the peacekeepers on our side, the emotional healers, the people who nurse our warriors back to health. A lot of this is metaphorical, but I hope you understand.

Most of my political statements will probably be posted on here. Most of my political perspectives will probably be blogged and not Facebook-posted because Facebook statuses are a horribly ineffective place to do post politics. Just sayin’.

Anyway, that’s all.



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