On Who We Are

In life, I take for granted the journey I’ve made inside of myself- I take for granted that at age 15, I had the cataclysmic loss of my fundamentalist religion, the shake and break of any sort of inner certainty about life and the way the world works. That’s all gone, forever.

I take for granted my exposure to a wide array of perspectives and philosophies from the time I was 15 right into the present. I take for granted that I’ve seen the world as an atheist, an agnostic, a monotheist, a pantheist, a monist, and a polytheist.

I take for granted that I had to experience the coming out process in the middle of the possibly most socially conservative state in the USA, and that years later, I had to finish the process of coming out to myself.

I take for granted that at an early age, I realized my parents were wrong about pretty much everything they ever told me about the world and the way life works. That was a fun one, of course- everyone around me chalked it up to teenaged angst. The newsflash here, of course, is that it wasn’t.

I take for granted that the person I’ve become has been, in part, a conscious process, and that I’ve willingly exposed myself to different viewpoints and that I’ve changed partially because our biology dictates that we change as we get older and partially because I’ve learned new things.

I also take for granted running smack dab into our biological constraints- so much of who we are is outside our scope of influence. That’s reality.

So yes. I take so much for granted, but maybe I can learn to not do that.




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