Media, Facts, and More

I’m a big fan of  pointing out what isn’t said as opposed to what’s said.

The current situation with the Mainstream Media is this: many people distrust what various news outlets report because they feel like they’re (always or almost always) given a biased story that leaves out or distorts the facts due to the media being owned by corporations that have particular interests.

The reaction is for many people to turn to sources that aren’t mainstream- and they then somehow declare such sources to be more reputable by that virtue alone.

So the first false dichotomy we have is that Real News versus the Fake News; the trouble is, both sides might potentially be incorrect or correct. There is no guarantee that one is accurate and the other is inaccurate by virtue of its source.

Which is to say, the lack of a perceived corporate agenda does not mean no agenda exists.

We’ve seen that sites like Breitbart pump out stories that are not only misleading but often mostly fabricated; the trick is that sometimes a kernel of truth can be found in the article, but the way the information is presented distorts what’s really going on.

This brings us to the second major point. While we may talk about facts and whether or not something did happen or did not happen, we may need more than the mere verification of whether or not something occurred. Facts are woven into a broader narrative, and the way one weaves those facts varies according to one’s worldview. Facts are things that exist on their own, and what we do with those facts potentially matters more than the facts themselves.

All of that being said, I have a brief list of high-quality sources from which I obtain my news and am aware of the sort of bias and skew that are present in them, and I refuse to rely on low-quality sources that churn out information to upset people.

Which brings us to the third point, really more of a question: is it really possible to be unbiased? I have my doubts. People implicitly accept certain political realities and worldviews whether or not they overtly state them.

Food for thought.







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