On Having My First High Tea

A local restaurant called Willows British Tea Room hosts various themed teas throughout the year, so when my husband saw a Valentine’s Day tea, he suggested we dine there.

This was my first experience in having a true British tea made by a British person, and the experience did not disappoint!

My husband doesn’t care for British novels or television, whereas I’m not sure I could ever get enough of it. The food, too, seems to be right up my alley, and as formerly I was a member of the Episcopal Church, the daughter of the Church of England (or C of E as they like to say across the pond), there’s an aesthetic and affinity for things British that dwells within my soul.

Featuring a Heart-shaped Crouton

Our meal consisted of a Vanilla and Raspberry tea with cream and sugar, and we had a light salad followed by the best tomato bisque I’ve ever had, pictured above.

The remaning three courses after salad and soup were on a tiered tray; small sandwiches and desserts were more than we could consume, and so we ended up taking them home. I will say my favorite was probably the bacon-wrapped cherry.

We had already eaten a bit prior to snapping this photo!

Where the idea came from that British food is bland, I’m not entirely sure. Both British places I’ve visited in Panama City have excellent cuisine.

This was my first time having scones and clotted cream, which are everything the imagination lends them to be. Christopher learned that scones are akin to tiny biscuits.

The most difficult part is deciding which part of the meal was best! I think the mini-quiches and roast beef sandwiches were probably my favorite.

The tea itself had an almost magical flavor; I had two or three cups. Smoothness is a quality I value in my tea.

Lining the walls were all sorts and styles of tea kettles! I know what I’ll be painting in the near future.

Perhaps my soul is British. I’d love to visit overseas and see how I like the people and the culture. One can only dream!

Noteworthy is that the proper title of the place is “Willows” and not “Willow’s” as it is not a person’s name- much to my surprise.

We’ll definitely be returning in the future with friends and family.



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