Well, heck, I can’t think of a title for a blog this go-around, so I’ll have to skip it and go on.

I’ve been reading a lot of Gerald Gardner and Dion Fortune lately. The occultists that exist in that period of time before the sort of modern blooming of Wicca and modern Paganism really excite me; their stories are tremendous fun.

Dion Fortune seems more in the school of the Western Mystery Tradition than Gardner, and I’m currently reading her book Psychic Self-Defense. I think I read somewhere that the book isn’t really an instruction manual so much as Fortune telling us about various experiences where she has been assailed by psychic powers.

Noteworthy that in our modern age of materialism, the hard skeptics will likely not admit that such a thing exists or is worthy of consideration, and that’s well within their right to do so; as for me, I have to explore things first-hand to really grasp what is real and what isn’t real about them.

I battled anxiety for two days followed by a migraine blossoming the day the anxiety died down. This hasn’t been an easy week, in other words, but the good news is that I’m severely limiting my social media consumption. The reality is that no one person can absorb all the horrible things that are going on, and I had to choose my sanity over my being well-informed.

More than that, if I stand back, connect with myself and God, and then proceed, I’ll have greater footing and confidene to battle the evil that’s manifesting itself in our government.

It didn’t appear overnight; no, there’s been a long cultivation of a Cult of Stupidity in the United States, and I can say I’ve been a victim of its practitioners since I was a child. My patience and sympathy for them has expired, and so to Hell with them all.

Anyway, I suppose I’ll pour my heart out into writing these blogs as a way of venting.



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