Dreams Come True

Dreams, in fact, come true, and perhaps my tongue has been too quick to make statements; the service at the UU included both the lighting of an Advent Wreath AND an experience in Norse Paganism.

Christine said beautiful words while lighting the wreath, and the combined effect truly brought forth the spirit of what’s best about the UU; when Tiffany led the blot and people offered toasts to various things, the magic filled the room.

Today was definitely my day at the UU because of so much ritual.

After the service, Gienah led us in constructing Yule Logs which, to my surprise, were the more traditional sort that will be burnt on the Solstice proper. We wrote on slips of paper either what we wanted to let go from 2016 or what we wanted to see in 2017.

I included 2016 itself and banished it to Hell where it belongs in my slip of paper; hopefully that will aid us in some way. Maybe, maybe not. The symbolism is fun for me psychologically. Let 2016 and its awful kingdom and people who fucked me over all be burned together and be gone from me for good.

2016 has been good in some regards but awful in many for so many people I know, and that culiminated in the people of the United States electing Donald Trump to the presidency.

That’s okay, though. 2017’s going to be better, and I’m going to invite Lilith into my life as the ORIGINAL rebel against patriarchy, and we’ll see how interesting things get.

My husband and I picked up my son tonight, and we celebrated Advent complete with a Gnostic perspective at our home. That was lovely. Only a week out from Christmas, and it’s a busy week, but I’m glad there’s still time and it isn’t TODAY. There’s something to be said for allowing things to arrive in their own time.

Happy Advent, everyone!

The Advent Wreath at My Home, Fourth Sunday of Advent, 2016



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