Advent Post

Advent is one of my favorite times of year if for no other reason than my johnny-come-lately ritual of lighting an Advent wreath. For the past five years, my family and I have lit the Advent wreath while I said Gnostic prayers and read Gnostic Scriptures. Truly, it’s the highlight of each week for me.

This year, we’re doing something even more special- we’ll celebrate the Holy Eucharist on Christmas Eve.

I recently joined the Unitarian Universalist church my husband attends. That hasn’t compromised my Gnosticism at all- rather, my own interior spirituality is now reflected in multi-faceted ways from approximate-minded individuals. So the result is that, because I have no priest and no Church by which to celebrate the Sacraments, I have to take matters into my own hands.

Whether or not I can worthily celebrate the Holy Eucharist is a moot point. If God is so willing, God will work through me. That’s all I can say at the moment until perhaps one day I’m ordained, but who knows if that will ever be possible?

My spirituality this year has taken its own trip in which the gods of other systems have made themselves more apparent to me. So while I pray the rosary, I also pour out libations to Odin and meditate on Saturn. I discovered a connection with the goddess Frigg, whom I happen to like very much. Some of the gods have been more reluctant to work with me, but that’s fine.

My hodgepodge shrine

You can see the saints and Father Christmas and even a nutcracker here. Father Christmas/Santa Claus is a mixture of stories about Odin and Saint Nicholas; Christmas is an amazing time of year because of all its sources.

While the other gods fit into the world somewhere, the Holy Trinity is always at the center for me. It’s difficult for me to conceive of a religion without Christ at the center- I cannot find the center without Christ. Naturally this whole idea is blasphemy to some, but they can rightly fuck off; I don’t have time for other people’s stuffy theology.

This year, we’ll celebrate Christmas as well as Yule, and I’m excited about that- that leads us right into the New Year for which we’ll make buttered toast.

Yes, I’m grateful to be writing again, grateful to be drawing again. Let the Christmas spirit flow.




One thought on “Advent Post

  1. Wonderful that you are so inspired that you are once again in creation mode. I too painted again for the first time in months. I always forget how happy creating art makes me feel.


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