Death Shall Bring Unto Us Knowledge

Increasingly, I am convinced that our death shall bring upon us one of two fates: either we shall continue to wander about this world as spirits in a spiritual-parallel of our own world, or we shall find ourselves reborn.

Our fear of death cannot be justified simply by stating it is the unknown; in fact, if our death were to result simply in annihilation, I think we would look forward to the peace promised us.

Or if we were to have a Heaven awaiting us, surely nothing could daunt us or harm us in this world!

No, Death beckons to us, and I think we shall find what we fear wasn’t what we didn’t know, but what we knew all along- that there is nothing but a continuity of the suffering of this lifetime in the next, that it’s a never-ending story that we may not be able to escape.

How, then, to make peace with this cycle? Where is the cessation, the union, the merging with something Greater? Perhaps there is no such thing.

Or perhaps this never-ending story is the Greater Thing- perhaps our continuity, even through suffering, is our union with eternity.

Let us ponder.



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