Secular or Religious? I Need Both.

What could that possibly mean?

Sometimes, I need to see the world through the lens of secularism. I need to focus on this world, what I call the COW- the Commonly Observable World. Too much is happening here. Too much is going on that has to be dealt with; you cannot simply ignore problems in the world around you in hopes of a better MEOW- Maybe Existent Other World.

Sometimes, I need to sit down and meditate, focusing on my breath, and it doesn’t need to be about visualization or uniting with God or anything- sometimes, I need to just meditate and bring my mind back to focusing. That’s it. That simple. And I do so with the knowledge that meditation will help me other areas of life, that I will sleep better, have less pain, and so on.

Other times, I need ritual and the connection to mythology- I need vibrant images of otherworldly beings speaking on behalf of God and performing miracles. I need the ability to interpret the world in a meaningful way that goes beyond the pragmatic. Just because the COW exists doesn’t mean that there is no MEOW, and I would put forth that our inner psychological world is likely the gateway thereto.

Yes, I need both, at different times. I need to be more secular at times, and I need to be more religious at other times. Some people might prefer the word “spiritual” here, but that’s a different conversation and set of definitions.

Just some thoughts for today.



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