Why We Can’t Elect Hillary Clinton

You think the “War on Christmas” is bad now?

Hillary Clinton will literally take Christmas from us and replace it with Work Day All Day.

Hillary Clinton is against everything you ever loved, especially holidays and specifically turkey and cranberry sauce and stuffing around Thanksgiving.

Under a Clinton presidency, we would have to mail Valentine’s Day chocolates to Hillary Clinton each and every year.

Hillary Clinton will force all women and men to have abortions everywhere at all times.

Hillary Clinton would pass laws to remove all Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks forever.

Hillary Clinton will force all dog owners to give up their dogs and own cats instead.

These are just some of the evils that the monster that is Hillary Clinton would enact upon us. You cannot vote for her! She will destroy all the things!

(This is satire. Don’t take it seriously. Just stop now if you’re doing that.)



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