Happiness, Fulfillment, Peace, Vitality

(This is a re-working of a Facebook Note I did years ago.)

The four internal or experiential aims of my life are as follows:





I amend a status I posted on Facebook a little while ago, maybe a week or so. My utmost life’s desire is to be happy, fulfilled, at peace, and vital.

Together, these things are the goal that most of us seek. Happiness and fulfillment, in my experience, are not synonymous, and I am aware of philosophical attempts to distinguish the two. They do overlap in some ways.

My distinction: happiness is being in a good mood; happiness is a kind of elation, whether joy or bliss or just a general feel-good.

Fulfillment is a sense of completion, wholeness, and doneness- it can be a sense of accomplishment. It can be a sense of a relief, or more like a sense of “rightness,” that everything is accomplished, and now you can rest and enjoy that sense of accomplishment. You might not necesssarily feel totally elated or overjoyed, but you feel whole, complete, done- and it, too, is a good feeling.

(Desire for fulfillment is partially what fuels phenomena like the Pokémon craze: people want to collect something all the way to having the full collection. Well, what then? A sense of completion, a sense of doneness, a sense of accomplshment…the same holds true for people who collect, well, anything. Desire for fulfillment also drives things like writing books and so on, whereby many of us know that writing a novel can be filled when many moments of not being happy.)

Peace is defined here as the absence of anxiety, worry, fear, hostility, anger, and so on- in other words, a kind of stillness and evenness of the mind. Also, peace would indicate a lack of intentional harmfulness to other people. Allow me to continue to amend the statement.

Vitality is the feeling or sense of being alive and having energy and good health and the ability to move toward one’s goals and desires.   

My utmost life’s desire is to be happy, fulfilled, at peace, and filled with vitality such to the extent that it is overflowing and automatically affects other people for the better wherever I go, whatever their conditions are in life. I want my sheer presence to immediately help other people, whether I directly interact with them in any way or not; I want this not for anything that it can give me other than the knowing that someone’s life is better just because we happened to cross paths.

My utmost life’s desire is to be unconditionally happy, unconditionally fulfilled, unconditionally at peace, and unconditionally experiencing vitality regardless of what happens to me or to anyone and to cause this to have a ripple effect across humanity.

This state may be akin to Nirvana, theosis, enlightenment, Christ consciousness and all our various terms for the ideal state of a human being. I’m not concerned about what we call it; I’m concerned about making it the reality.

I don’t want this just for myself; I want it for everyone I’ve ever known or ever will know. I wish that “none should perish, but that all should be saved” from their suffering and less-than-ideal circumstances in life. Whether this will require ego-dissolution or not, I don’t know- if it does, so be it. If not, so be it. I’m going to instead focus on what I want and making that happen instead of worrying about too many of the abstract details.




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