Proud to be an American: Some Thoughts

Sometimes I see a bizarre attitude among people who hold certain political views, the idea that people who disagree with their narrow idea of what defines being a citizen of the United States of American as someone being patently “un-American.”

In other words, when the USA does something questionable or even repugnant at home or overseas, and somehow such as myself questions or condemns it, I’m suddenly told that I’m “siding with terrorists” and that I “hate America.”

Allow me to clarify:

What defines me as an American? The values, the ideals, the underlying philosophy as applied to the current world. The USA is an experiment, always an on-going experiment. We can’t go backwards into history and try to live out our ideals in that time; we have to live according to the current knowledge and discoveries.

My criticism of the racism, homophobia, and anti-intellectualism in the USA is, in and of itself, an act of patriotism; my speaking out, my response to these things, is the proof that I care enough about the values of the USA to stand up for them and against those who would, in their celebrations of ignorance, trample them.

We have liberty, and we have responsibility with that liberty; our freedom in the USA comes with immense responsibility for the consequences of our deeds.

People who claim we should support the USA no matter what it does fail to grasp that the USA has to comply with its own principles in order to maintain its respect. If the USA falls short of its values, and continues to do so, and then celebrates not maintaining those values, the result is something that isn’t the USA but a shadow of its former self.

I’m here to stop that, to keep us aligned with our philosophy. Woohoo!

Those are my thoughts for today.



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