Who doesn’t love cereal? If you consider that what we’re doing is taking grains and dumping milk over the grains, well, probably people with a lot of sense. I’m going to do research into how and when people began eating cereal and eating it with milk poured over it, and when sugar became added.

But before that, I want to go through a brief history of types of cereal that left an impression on me through my life. This list doesn’t include all the cereals we ever ate- I would probably be unable to remember them all- it’s about cereals that left a major impression.

First we have KABOOM. I always thought they were called “Kabooms.” Before I was school-age, I would go to a babysitter’s house for my daycare, except that we didn’t use the word “daycare” that I can remember. KABOOM is the kind of cereal she had, and it always had a mysterious feel to it because my parents never purchased KABOOM for our home. The cereal is meant to consist of colorful smiling faces and marshmallow pieces, but in reality, the faces look kind of terrifying and deformed.



When my cousins and I were kids, my auntie let us put sugar on our Rice Krispies. One of my cousins stayed the night with us (something that happened fairly often), and he went to get sugar to put on the Apple Cinnamon Rice Krispies…and I had to inform him that no, they didn’t need sugar! His final appraisal was that the Apple Cinnamon tasted better than sugar, and I agree.



Hidden Treasures- most of them were normal sugary squares, but some of them had filling on the inside. We only got these once, I think, after seeing the commercials for them, and what I remember is that the box was ridiculous small compared to other types of cereal. They were okay, just not what I expected and not nearly plentiful enough.



Waffle Crisp- I remember this was big in our house during the summer of 1997, the summer I met my favorite cartoon of all time- Sailor Moon. I would get up at 7 AM each day to watch Sailor Moon, often eating a big bowl of Waffle Crisp while watching the show. My grandmother even tasted some of it and said that it was pretty good. The commercials always involved undercover grandmas trying to steal back their Waffle Crisp from children. Since it’s almost 20 years later, they’ve probably changed the formula, and my taste buds have probably also changed enough that I might not enjoy them as much.



Rice Krispy Treats were a staple food for my generation growing up. If it was time for the parents of my classmates to celebrate anything at anytime involving us the children, someone would make Rice Krispy Treats. They’re fairly easy to make- I think all you do is melt marshmallows, add Rice Krispies, and then smooth it all out into a pan, put it in the fridge, and you’re done.

The cereal, based off this idea, imitated Rice Krispy Treats fairly well. I would get a weird piece on occassion that wouldn’t crunch correctly or had an odd taste, but it wasn’t the norm. They also sometimes hurt my mouth because some of the edges would be jagged.



I had these at least one time. When I stayed with my cousins, their mom bought several kinds of cereal, and since this was “new” at the time, I tried it. They’re okay from what I remember- crushing up actual Oreo-O’s and eating them as a cereal in milk would probably be a better option for a lot of us.



In high school, I took a liking for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and I declared it as The Official Gay Man’s Cereal…much to the dismay and confusion of some of my gay friends. But the real question is, why wouldn’t it be The Official Gay Man’s Cereal? Also, I didn’t think of what The Official Lesbian’s Cereal would be, but the truth is, as a gay man, there’s no point in me deciding what would be best for lesbians.

Later on, while in college, my father went through a phase of eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but he referred to it as, “That Crunch.” I bought and shared many boxes with him over the years. I can definitely remember that happening a lot during the autumn.



I think we ate these around the time I was in 3rd grade. They were delicious. I love Cinnamon Rolls, and at one point, these came with mini-comics as well. The one comic I acquired that I actually cared for was called “Star Riders.” Naturally, it was about a group of women who had mystical gems that were being stolen by a classic Bad Guy. I read that comic over and over again, and I wish I knew what happened to it. It’s probably lurking around my parents’ house somewhere to this day, and if it were in mint condition, it would probably also be worth a small fortune. But not being the sort of person who collects things and just lets them acquire monetary value, I read it…over and over and over again.



Do you have a favorite cereal or want to share any favorite cereal memories? Go ahead, in the comments.


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