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My husband went out of town for two weeks for work. During that time, he took with him the newer and much more cooperative computer. Because of that, I haven’t been blogging as much recently. Computers that slow down aren’t a fun experience at all, and that other computer is from 2009. 2009 honestly doesn’t seem so long ago despite the fact that it was seven years ago; the same amount of time between when I graduated high school and 2009 when I got my first Mac has passed now between the time I got first my first Mac and my birthday this year.

I guess my life could roughly be divided into, “Before Mac” and “After Mac.”

Speaking of which, I always found it bizarre how so many people referred to Apple as evil but had no problem using Microsoft. Microsoft’s software generally being awful and ugly is what eventually drove me away from using their computers.

But then for the longest time, Apple made laptops that had an upside Apple on their lid, so I mean…there’s that.

All I know is that after I switched over to Mac, I hoped and prayed to all things holy that I would never have to go back to using Windows if I can help it.

Some people may actually like Windows better, and more power to them.

Macs are also severely over-priced, but then again, PCs are more overpriced than Macs for the crap that they do.

I’ll pick up on my blogging soon enough. Just stick around.



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