The Dish Your Mom Always Cooked…

…That You Wished She Wouldn’t.

This would likely fall into the realm of anything that ends in “greens.” Collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens- these were all meals that spelled disappointment.

Basically, it comes down to the reality that white people don’t know how to cook greens because white people have the profound ability to imitate what other cultures are doing without actually getting anything right about those cultures and then congratulate themselves profusely while other folks are just shaking their heads.

Greens, and then cornbread that wasn’t fried, along with this weirdly dry rice that came with no gravy.

These were sad, sad examples of meals.

As a point, my mother’s cooking has drastically improved over the years. I still wouldn’t dare touch her greens, though. I’m not touching greens unless I watch the cook put what they do in it.

But the piles of green, sloppy, bitter weeds will live on forever in my mind, unfortunately.

I’m open to trying greens now- if they’re properly cooked. Youtube videos have shown me the process can be lengthy and specific, and I’m entirely okay with that.

You say “greens,” and I say, “disappointments.”



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