Moving Past the Insanity of Others

My biggest concern in life is the discovery that people I thought I knew well turn out to be absolute and complete morons, psychopaths, or both.

Some NOW former friends of mine were watching the dog of another friend, and then when their son antagonized the dog, the dog bit him.

In turn, they gave up the dog, and somehow, 11 days later, after not bothering to contact the owner, the dog was put to sleep.

No. He was murdered.

Yes, protect your child. I’m a parent. I get that.

But not contacting the owner, not trying to find someone else to take the dog, not putting the dog in a no-kill shelter (of which there were two local ones)- are you kidding me?

And the decision was made- or so I was told- because the dog was…”depressed.”

These people are dangerous. They’re liars, dangerous, and murderous psychopaths.

How in the hell I ended up being friends with such horrible, sorry excuses for humans, I’ll never know.

But now I have to move past the insanity of the situation- a situation where details revealed by other people who had confronted the psychopaths only made the situation more insane.

Also, to the parents out there: don’t be fuckwits. If you know your child will antagonize an animal in some way that you’ve been told will rile that animal up, how about NOT taking the animal in the first place?

If my family watched someone’s dog for an extended period of time, and we told my son to not pull his tail because the animal would be upset, and then my son pulled the animal’s tail and got bit, I’m not going to blame the owner.

Good grief.

I’ve done my part. I’ve said what I need to say, and now I’m going to let go of this nightmare and be ready to banish other psychopaths from my life.



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