Of Remakes and Reboots

One issue I see in the film industry today is the whole “Let’s Remake a Movie” thing.

The problem is, nobody ever seems to know what they’re doing. Remakes, by and large, aren’t defined well enough. What do you even mean by a “remake” in the first place?

I think if the writers and creators defined their goals, we would see more fulfilling remakes.

Movie remakes seem to fall largely into two categories, updates and re-tellings.

Is the movie going to be an update? The key here is taking virtually the same story, same characters, and accounting for the current technology, music, and fashion in order to make the movie contemporary.

Is the movie a re-telling/reboot? A re-telling is taking the original premise of the movie but telling a different story with large chunks of familiarity.

In anime, currently we’re seeing a re-boot of Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon Crystal. Many fans wanted an update to the series; instead, what we’re seeing is a reboot that relies more heavily (almost exclusively) on the manga.

The Craft, one of those movies I’ve watched over and over again in my lifetime, was going to have a remake, but as it turns out, they’re doing something else instead…a sequel. I actually think the idea of a remake would be better. A sequel? Not so much. That’s going to be a difficult sell.

Provided, I know people who feel the total opposite- they’re more okay with a sequel than with a remake.

Anyway, back to the point.

Many movie remakes have no well-defined idea of what they’re atttempting to accomplish. They don’t know if they’re an update for the modern day or if they’re a re-telling or both or neither. Sometimes movies have the same name as a former movie and share the tiniest sliver of the premise.

I watched a made-for-TV remake of Carrie one time that was phenomenal, almost better than the original movie- it was an update, and it worked well.

But that obviously doesn’t always happen.

What are your favorite or most-hated remakes?



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