Basic Things and Label Games

One of my friends (Tiffany) posted an article from the other day, and I clicked the link…and then another link after I had read that blog, and then another…I think over the past two days I’ve read 30 blogs or so on there. Well, probably not that many, but it definitely feels that way.

My spirituality is definitely taking a new form, though one thing I’m refusing to do is to fall into that deadly trap that is no such trap for many people but is for me- the label game.

Basically, the label game goes like this: one chooses a word to describe one’s identity and means a certain thing by that word. Other people who use different definitions come along and define you differently. They may geniunely have a different definition, they may be ignorant of other definitions, or they may purposely use a different definition for the sake of being controversial or acting superior to other people.

Here’s my case: my interior mythos and perspectives are sometimes so complicated that even forget where and how they originate only to remember them at a later time.

The label game is dangerous for me because I will strive to fit myself into narrow boxes to be a so-called “people pleaser,” which I don’t want to upset other people or disturb them. But in reality, that’s a stupid thing to not want to do, because I’m not a terribly annoying person in general and even if I annoy specific people, they can just get away from me and be done, and it’s quite likely that if I annoy someone, I don’t care for them, either.

Don’t misunderstand me- I think at some point(s), structure is necessary for one’s spirituality to work, and by “work” I mean to have any positive, tangible results that make the spirituality worthwhile in the first place whether for one’s self or others. Sometimes, labels are a simple way of explaining what something is to other people who may be the same.

Anyway. The point is, I have my practices, and I’m going to do what works for me, and everyone else can just deal.





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