Moonie Monday!!!

Today’s episode of Sailor Moon Crystal was amazing- no spoilers here, but today largely revealed huge points in the plot and is probably the best episode so far this season. Just when it seemed like the season was beginning to lull, suddenly, it picks up again- and we still have a ways to go before the conclusion.

I have a feeling that the next episode is going to be even better, considering how this episode ended!

Season 3 has given more personality to some of the bad guys than Seasons 1 and 2 did- specifically, the Witches 5, while treated as Monsters of the Day in their own right, seem more distinct than, say, the Ayakashi Sisters from Season 2.

On the one hand, it’s kind of sad to reminisce on the first two seasons and think of all the mistakes that had people up in arms, even the things that disappointed me (like the attack sequences) and how there’s no real way to go back and correct those. They’ll simply stand as the series, and it will always be part of it. The home-released Blu-Ray and DVD versions didn’t correct, say, the stiff-looking attack sequences of Moon Princess Halation and such.

OH, well. Life goes on.

Let’s hope the current directors stay on for the Dream Arc!



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