Of Games and Such, 2

First, more info on Triforce of the Gods 2:

It’s fun. A lot of fun. If you have a 3DS and haven’t played it, I highly recommend getting it.

The game starts out pretty…smoothly. I’m not sure how to explain this except to say that instead of being locked out of doing anything for basically three-quarters of the game, much of the game opens up at the beginning thanks to a few “improvements.”

However, do not be fooled as I was fooled once upon a time- there are challenging aspects to the game, and you will run into them and have to confront them.

In other news, in recent years, I’ve seen this weird sort of attitude among people who identify as “gamers.”

“Gamers” refer to people who play Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games and First-Person Shooters, while “Casual Gamers” refer to people who play things like Pokémon and Animal Crossing.

Despite the fact that there are people who log hundreds of hours playing those games, it’s…they’re referred to as “casual.”

I mean, hey, maybe I’m wrong, but that just seems kind of ridiculous.

Oh, well, haters gonna hate.

Stayed tuned for more writing from yours truly.



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