Moonie Monday, 5/9 Edition!

Sailor Moon Crystal is always worth the wait. Today’s episode showed us Sailor Pluto…again. There were some awesome pieces of animation.

It’s pretty strange to have so many anime series available on Netflix and Hulu but have less interest in them. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Nostalgia for this series called Sailor Moon continues to fuel my love of this series. I can’t wait for Crystal to be released on DVD BECAUSE I WILL BE OBTAINING THE ENTIRE SERIES AT SOME POINT.

Hulu has a bad habit of putting on anime with hard captions, which means you can’t turn of the subtitles. Since I watch my anime without subtitles in Japanese, I won’t usually watch those shows. It’s just too irritating to have words constantly popping up.

Netflix has less anime available, but on the other hand, they sometimes have amazing caption options including the abiliy to watch an anime in Japanese with Japanese subtitles. Now that’s fun and helps me to understand the Japanese better.

I did find online a guide of “Bare minimum episodes to watch in the Original Sailor Moon series” to understand the plot, and sometime in the future, I’m going to go through and do that.

I also really like the show “Pretty Cure,” but it already has a ton of seasons, most of which aren’t related to the others.

I wish I could get my hands on some of the Sailor Moon wands and transformation items, but even I got them, I actually have nowhere to store them. Sad day! The toys all look too breakable to actually open and play with, and I’m not a person who’s interested in being impractical- in other words, if I can’t make an investment and use something, I’m not terribly interested in it.

In other news, my birthday is in two days. Another year older, wow. I’m surprised on some days that I’ve made it this far. Maybe one year I’ll have a Sailor Moon-themed birthday party. Wouldn’t that be wild?



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