Deviled Eggs

Today, my mother-in-law told me she was making Deviled Eggs and thought of me. She made them a few years ago for us when we visited, and they were absolutely amazing and delicious, and I’ve loved her recipe ever since.

She told me today that my sister-in-law refers to them as “Doubled Eggs” because she doesn’t like the use of the word “Devil,” so I looked up why they were called “Deviled” in the first place. The connection appears to me because mustard and other spicy foods were used in the recipe, thus making the association among “spicy, burning, hot, Devil.”

Doubled eggs makes more sense to me since they’re split and then there is additional filling added to the halves.

Some people in the South historically called them other names because of the connection to the word “Devil.” Some refer to them as “Angel Eggs” instead, though the title sometimes goes to eggs that are filled with “healthier” fillings instead of mayo, mustard, and salt.

The more you know.



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