On Meaning and My Current Practice

From a strictly rational point of view, it’s easy on the everyday level of the mind to reason out that the universe has no objective meaning and is pretty empty in most regards. Whatever may exist in terms of matter, it doesn’t actually have a purpose, meaning, or intent behind it- so the universe seems starkly cold and uncaring.

Yet lately, I’ve introduced into my life a new and brief sort of spiritual meditation that I do daily in accordance with the planet, deity, and element that informs each day. Actually, the meditation goes in the order of element, planet, and deity. This meditation helps me to gain access to and connect with the unconscious mind and the archetypal energy that exists there, and…

…well, the reality is that access to those levels of the mind, even slight raising of energy, imbues my daily life with so much meaning that things like nihilism get blown right out of the water. There’s no messing around when it comes to these meditations and what they’re bringing into my life. It isn’t a matter of trying to reason out something as an argument against meaninglessness; rather, it’s the realization and direct experience of something meaningful within me.

Much of the past several days, especially today, has put me back in contact with my teenaged self. I remember more and more the sort of meaningful experiences in spirituality I had back then, the curiosity, the sense of something “more” all the time. And it’s nice to reconnect with that. It’s nice to see that I’m accessing something I thought I had lost.

I know I’m not being too specific with what’s going on here, but that’s because delving into my spiritual history is just too much at this point. I can’t possibly fit it all into a single blog and woudln’t even try.

I’m glad I’ve found a practice that works for me, even if for the time being. My ultimate goal would be to form daily rituals in addition to the meditations, but for now, these will have to do until I can become more elaborate.



One thought on “On Meaning and My Current Practice

  1. Nice post. Yes, we can easily conclude the universe is cold, empty and meaningless. But as the quote goes: “sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things we need to believe in the most”. Keep on believing and good luck with your meditation practice.


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