Hobonichi Techo Tuesdays, Deluxe

Since I didn’t offer pictures last week…this week, there are a ton of them!

First we have the “May” spread in my Hobonichi Cousin.

I threw this together last night. 


Next we have a picture of Kiki from the anime, Kiki’s Delivery Service. The title in Japanese is “Witch’s Delivery Service,” and…it’s based on a Japanese children’s book! I ordered the book, and it arrived that day, so I took the liberty of drawing Kiki and her cat, Jiji. (It may be spelled “Gigi” in the English dub of the anime, I’m not sure, but I’m just romanizing how it’s written in the book.)


Her cat is adorable.

The page dedicated to my husband for his birthday! He turned 36 this year. I cut the flowers out of a sale paper magazine. DO NOT THROW AWAY SALE MAGAZINES UNTIL YOU CUT OUT WHAT YOU WANT, even if you don’t plan to use them! There’s gold waiting to be posted in your Techo!

Part of this was inspired by the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I watched the movie versions recently, and a lot of the art in the battle scenes has this sort of surrealist-dada feeling to it.

In our home, my stepson visits us every other weekend, and we usually do pizza on Friday nights. The other weeks we try different things. I made grilled cheese with pepperoni this weekend- a pizza stand-in, and a delicious one at that. Note that I didn’t make those chocolate-covered strawberries; they just looked delicious. Also, I apparently forgot to color a lot on this page.


Now it’s time to look at my Weeks Techo instead, which is titled strangely because I do a daily journaling in here.

This is the second page once it’s opened- I wanted it to feel like a “passport” to my memories.

Sorry for my fingers.

Here we have the back. Apparently, I’ve also forgotten to include personal information…oh, dear. The same semi-passport theme continues.

Again, excuse the fingers. It wouldn’t stay open. 

The next is the week from April 11-17. I really adventured into trying to use more stickers and to “break the rules” of placement- to place stickers, drawing, washi tape in places I wouldn’t normally so that everything wouldn’t look too uniform and planned. I especially like how the rhythm of the stars turned out.


This is April 18th-24th.
During this week, I became a little more creative and went into my “soul journaling” mode those past two days. Soul journaling might also be called something like Depth Psychology Journaling or something to that effect, but the point is that I used stickers and a small poem I wrote to illustrate my day.

The poem on the 23rd reads, “You aren’t alone. From the begnning, you weren’t alone. Until the end, you will not be alone.”

Finally, we have April 25-May 1. This is the first time I deliberately covered up the dates and decided instead to re-create them somewhere else on the page. Also, the butterfly washi tape is new. At some point, I ended up ordering 12 new rolls of washi tape…because you know I really need them…and…well, honestly, I’m happier and happier with large amounts of creative material.

I need to color the Blessed Virgin Mary. May is dedicated to her. 











Also, the big news…I bought the A6 Size after all…because you know I really needed another Techo. Then I decided that I really didn’t need it, and tried to cancel, but…no, it was too late. Haha, that’s life for you! Which is fine. I have uses set up for, though, and I may discover uses I didn’t know I could have.

Happy journaling!





















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