White People and Entitlement

In the past several years, one of the most bizarre things I’ve heard consistently is this talk about a “sense of entitlement” and then people beginning to refer to everything as an “entitlement.”

Pretty soon, buzzwords and buzzphrases begin to lose their meaning and value, and “sense of entitlement” seems to have been applied to virtually everything.

So, let’s define things: a “sense of entitlement” suggests that a person feels they are owed something regardless of whether they are actually owed such things or not.

And one group of people in the USA that collectively has that is white people.

Oh, yeah, see, you were expecting me to go down the road of saying, “I’m not racist, but I think those brown/black/not white people shouldn’t have such a sense of entitlemnet.”


There are so many white people who, when confronted with issues about, say, systemic racism, immediately start throwing out things like “reverse racism” and so on. MTV even made a documentary called “White People,” and before the documentary even aired on TV, people were screaming about how racist it was.

You can watch it here. 

You can also see from the comments on the video that the people either 1) didn’t watch the documentary or 2) didn’t understand the point of the documentary. The former is probably the case.

And I’m over here like, “Y’all need to calm down.”

Wanna know what the mentality of many of the white folks really is?

It sounds something like this: “We freed you stupid black people from being slaves. What more could you want? Why are you still complaining?”

That ’bout sums it all up in a nutshell.

The sense of entitlement is that many white people have some kind of cultural memory or feeling that they’re entitled to be on a higher status than black people. Their sense of entitlement is that they get to own other people, and because they can’t own other people as slaves at this point in history, they’re bitter.

It’s that simple.

Again, I’m not talking about every single white person; most people are rarely talking about every single person in a demographic. I’m talking about the rabid racists out there and the subtle racists and the people who secretly wish black folks would “just go home to Africa” and so on.

And before anyone reads this blog and starts thinking, “Nuh-uh, you’re just an angry brown person” or something like that, newsflash: I’m white.

And yes, I have white privilege, and I will use that privilege to fight for the people who don’t have it. I didn’t choose this weapon, but I will use it for the forces of good.

Here endeth the rant.



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