Three Faces of Eve

Tonight, I watched the movie The Three Faces of Eve for the first time. I was familiar with the story, having watched a documentary or movie on people with Multiple Personalities when I was a teenager.

The movie moves slow in many regards and seems dry in others, but the overall plot is fantastic.

More fantastic is the actual woman and story behind The Three Faces of Eve. Her real condition is at variance with how it’s presented in the movie in which the one personality ultimately integrates the others; the real “Eve” states that the other personalities were other entities that had been there with her since ber she was born. They weren’t fragments of her or a split off a whole personality.

Also, she may have had as many as 20 personalities.

Talk about an awesome story.

Anyway, the classic movies always allow me to appreciate them for what they are. Many of them have more interesting stories that have a degree of subtlety that I don’t perceive in modern-say cinema.

As I’m not a student of film, I can’t necessarily make an argument about how, why, and when films changed, and the reality is that we value different movies for different reasons in the first place.

Onward to tomorrow!


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