Monsters in the Bathroom

Perhaps more than the newly-devised political tactic of “monsters in the bathroom” that we’re seeing these days, our children should be taught of the real monsters that destroy our society on a daily basis- the monsters that are already here, in other words.

The monsters include things like greed, lust for power, needless and heedless consumerism, the society generally being ill-educated in manners, bigotry (systemic and otherwise), and corruption in the justice system.

Perhaps if we began to address that these issues exist and need to be corrected, perhaps we wouldn’t be so ready to make a monster of a small percentage of the population that has been quietly going about its business in the bathroom all these years anyway.

Perhaps tax dollars wouldn’t be wasted on that.

Perhaps people wouldn’t be saying there are “bigger issues” in the face of prejudice as an excuse to ignore what’s going on. Yes, there will almost always be “bigger issues,” but that doesn’t dismiss the danger created by stirring up non-issues and targeting specific groups.

Perhaps I wouldn’t have to write this blog.

Generally speaking, I’m against making sweeping generalizations, whether they’re about liberals, conservatives, or whomever. I’m against it because loud, vocal minorities within a group who say stupid things shouldn’t become the posterchildren for the movement. What results in these cases are that idiots have a shouting match with each other, back and forth.

No amount of memes on Facebook, no amount of sharing how you feel is going to change what a bigot thinks. That’s just not how it happens.

And likely no amount of blogging on my end is going to change how a bigot feels, either.

But since bigotry is unreasonable, perhaps un-reason will change it. Perhaps there is some way of undoing bigotry through irrational means.

Maybe paintings? Music? I don’t know. I don’t know how to solve the problem.

That won’t stop me from trying.



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