This Nation of Whiners!

OH, yes, this nation, this USA, this nation of whiners! People always complaining and whining about something in the media!

…I make it a point to not use this phrase in the context of condemning other people for their particular issues and grievances.

My reason for this is that, at one point, “nation of whiners” may have been accurate statement used against people who were making much a-do about nothing whatsoever.

However, lately (as in the past few years), I’ve seen it used in a new way- a way in which people attempt to silence anything that doesn’t directly impact their lives.

It’s a mark of privilege to talk about how one is so sick of hearing about “race, transgender people, gays” and so on. That the people in question who experience systemic prejudice are simply “whining.”

It’s an absolute mark of privilege that you can just walk away from the conversation or ignore the circumstances that people describe- that you have the privilege to ignore things that simply don’t impact your life.

However, for those of us whose lives are impacted, the story is different. We don’t have that privilege. I don’t have the privilege to walk away from the conversation and say, “I’m so sick of hearing about homophobia.”

Nope. No such luxury here, folks.

So, I make effort to choose my words carefully. I make effort to understand the situation. Many situations have layers that have to be dissected and understood separately. A person’s complaints may have merit on one level but not on another, and I’m perfectly willing to accept that.

That’s all for today, folks.




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