Of Transgender Folks and Bathrooms

Often, I see things explained in terms of archetypes and Jungian psychology.

In a practical sense, this means that there is a Shadow quality not just of the individual but of the collective psyche, the Shadow roughly being defined as the part of the mind containing elements we find socially unacceptable or evil or whatnot that actually exist within us to some degree as well.

And society’s invariably seem to have a Shadow projection. Necessarily, what we’re seeing at this point in time in the USA is a Shadow-projection onto transgender people.

Transgender people are suddenly the new source of evil- they’re the monsters waiting in the bathroom to hurt our children.

This would actually be laughable, all the babble folks have about pedophiles, sex offenders, perverts, and so on potentially using “Oh, I’m transgender” as an excuse to gain accesss to bathrooms, if it weren’t for the fact that there are full-grown adults who actually think this and are arguing that it’s a legitimate reason to make laws that sound insane and are unenforceable.

Another glaring contradiction is the whole desire for there to be less government involved in our private lives, yet people draft- and pass- laws that are invading a highly private sector of our lives, indeed.

Danger lurks everywhere, potentially. There could be a number of things in a bathroom that could hurt you and your child.

But targeting the transgender community, which is not exactly a huge community to begin with, is ridiculous.

The other thing that hurts my head is how much of a hive-mind this issue seems to have produced. Why is it that everyone seems to repeat the same arguments over and over again?  Whoever decided this was about protecting the sweet, innocent babies made a morally horrific (but politically brilliant) move because that mindset has taken root and worked its way among the people who hold that perspective.

Nothing bars people from entering bathrooms in the first place, and this wasn’t an issue a few months ago, but now someone’s gone and made it an issue because of whatever the reasons may be.

I would say, “I’m tired of hearing about it,” but my concern is for the people who will actually end up being hurt because of this- the transgender people.

Once again, the idiots of the USA are running things, and there’s no way to confront them on my end because my righteous indignation goes from 0 to Hellfire, and I’m ready to chunk civility and manners out the window. It’s no good yelling and arguing with people because that will only hurt their pride.

On the other hand, I’m not going to idly stand by and not speak up. I will speak up and state my bit when necessary, and no more.



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