Hobonichi Techo Tuesdays: Techo Wisdom and a Sort of Announcement

So far, so good, what I’ve learned about the Hobonichi Techo and potentially dull pages is this: when in doubt, USE WASHI TAPE!

I bought 12 (yes, 12) more rolls of washi tape recently. It dawned on me that, well…I won’t feasibly be able to use all the washi tape that I have anytime soon I mean, that’s just the reality- there’s only so much space on any given page.

THAT being said, I have another thing to announce: after due consideration and realizing that the Cousin (A5) is too large for my needs, I’ve decided that I’m going to go back to using he Original (A6) size next year.

Honestly, the A6 size is cuter. Seriously. And even though sometimes I felt like the A6 was too much, more often than not, I really looked forward to writing in and could figure out something to draw.

Now that I’m becoming more of a veteran at this thing, I can see that even on my best days that pages in the Cousin are too large for me.

We talk about arriving at “Planner/Diary Satisfaction” in the Hobonichi Techo groups. It means that one finally figures out what works best for one’s own needs and is able to get the most satisfaction out of the planner or diary- one finds the right size, the right style, and so on, and then the utility of the tool is amplified.

And I’m almost there!

One idea I had was to switch over to the A6 size called the Avec- it splits the Techo into two books, so you have January through June and then July through December. Then I could actually dedicate my A5 size to being a sort of Sketch Diary or something like that.

Well, that’s all for Hobonichi Techo Tuesdays for this week. Sorry for the lack of photos- I kept meaning to take them and getting distracted. It would help if I checked my Techo to see what’s on the agenda for each day, wouldn’t it?

Happy planning!



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