Resolving Issues

Today, I sat with the children’s class at the local Unitarian Universalist Fellowship as a volunteer assistant.

Today, as I sat there, outside with the teacher and the children, under the trees and in the warm spring weather in Florida, I had a strange revelation, a resolution to an issue I had been focusing on for a while.

In Eastern religious traditions (and saying that in and of itself can be catastrophic as it lumps together too many traditions and makes a false sense of “West” versus “East”, but we’ll allow it for the moment), the “ego” is what blocks us from truth, from the true nature of who and what we are. This has been a sort of stumbling block for me for many years because I’m unable to figure out how consciousness can possibly exist without a sense of “I” if we’re talking about superconsciousness.

Today, however, as I sat out there, I recognized that the awareness of my awareness- the consciousness of the fact that I am aware and of what I’m doing in a given moment, that I am not only aware of the world around me but I am aware that there is a process going on of me perceiving and experiencing that world around me- cannot possibly be what is meant by “ego” in other traditions that speak of it.

To equate the awareness of the world around me and the awareness that I am aware of that world and of my experiencing certain feelings and that I experience myself as somehow separate from the world cannot be the “ego.” If that were the case, at what point in time would one be able to function in this world with no ego? How could the space of the body be located and be moved?

If I’m wrong, perhaps I will be able to better explain it later on as I discover more.



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