Handwritten Journal: Map of the Soul

I encourage everyone I know (via this blog) to keep a handwritten journal of some sort.

It needn’t be elaborate. You don’t have to write down every detail of the day. You don’t even have to write about the day’s particulars, either.

The point of keeping a journal, for me, is to create a sort of “soul map.”

The pages of my Hobonichi Techo are filled with stickers, washi tape, ephemera, pictures I’ve cut out, stamps, my own drawings, and my own words.

The goal is not to make an absolute accurate, factual record of my life in the sense of strictly recording the facts; rather, the goal is to translate each day’s ethos into a picture and explain myself from the point of a whole, from the point of connection.

Allow me to explain: I can tell you on a certain day whether or not it was rainy and that I cooked. However, telling you that it was rainy doesn’t convey how I felt that day or what my mindset was like- perhaps it was a rainy day that was also hot, and I had an inkling to go outside and dance in the steaming rain even though I didn’t, and so instead I made a huge pot of tea and got out a book and sat by the window, enjoying the sound of the downpour.

That might surprise you, in fact- many people assume rainy days are gloomy whether or not they are.

The point is, it’s fun to convey that sort of thing in a journal.

So, I encourage you to start a journal, no matter how tiny, no matter how few words you might think you have, no matter how badly you imagine you draw- that isn’t the point. This is for you, and you can do it.



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