“Witch Delivery Service”

Majou no Takkyuubin arrived yesterday!

You have to understand, I’m the sort of person who watches faithfully and almost crazily the shipping times and dates for things I’ve ordered on Amazon.com, so when I ordered something from Japan, I was READY for it to arrive!

And then it arrived today, almost a month after ordering it, and I’m so happy!

I actually didn’t realize I had ordered a hardback copy, but I’m not going to complain- it’s finally here!

Also, today’s another one of my “tired” days. It’s a bizarre situation where my husband and I both feel extra tired for no apparent reason- I didn’t work out fiercely today or anything, I haven’t been particularly intellectually stimulated or mentally exhausted, yet I’m totally ready to go to sleep way earlier than usual.


Anyway, Majou no Takkyuubin means “Witch’s Delivery Service” and was made into an anime movie titled “Kiki’s Delivery Service” in English. When I found out it was based on a book, I couldn’t resist getting it, so now I have two books in Japanese that I have to read, say WHAT?

That’s all for today.



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