How Good Nature Feels

This morning, I noticed my husband hadn’t taken one of our Netflix DVDs to mail back, so I got dressed and walked down to the mailbox. It’s a short walk from our house.

A dog in a guy’s truck was halfway out the window and barked at me. Don’t worry, the weather here was mild this morning, and the truck windows were rolled down.

After I dropped the DVD in the mail, I returned to my house and look at the cloudless blue sky, a perfect canopy above me. The warmth of the sun felt amazing on my skin. I just stood outside in my front lawn for a few minutes, feeling the pulsing energy of nature all around me. It was so, so relaxing…I almost wanted to lie down in the grass and roll around or something. That’s unsual for me.

I need to spend more time out in nature. We all need to spend more time out in nature. I have no idea how people who live in huge cities and have little access to trees and plants and natural bodies of water deal with their lives. If I couldn’t look out of my house and see trees, grass, flowers, and the sky, I would probably go crazy.

So, I appreciate not living in an urban area. I appreciate living near the ocean. Even if I don’t visit the ocean often, I’m almost always aware that it’s nearby.

The full moon is coming up. I can’t wait for that- I make it a point to light a candle and take the Bible outside and read Scriptures that relate to Nature. It’s one of my favorite practices.



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