Hobonichi Techo Tuesdays: CHUNK

In the Hobonichi Techo community, we have a word to refer to the increasing bulkiness of our Techo- we say, “chunk.” One user even referred to her Techo one day by saying, “The chunk is coming!”

Over the past year, I’ve accumulated a number of stickers. Puffy stickers don’t work as well for a Techo because they make it difficult to write on the pages after it. You can purchase a writing board type thing, but I think that begins to overcomplicated the experience.

…says the person who has drawers full of washi tape, stickers, and stamps…

The point is, I began using up the puffy stickers on LAST YEAR’S Hobonichi Techo, an Original (A6) size. The result is that I now have a Techo that’s too chunky to even close.

Anyway, exhibit A:



Exhibit B:


It’s literally impossible to close at this point, but so much the better. As far as I’m concerned, it’s hilarious!

If you have a diary, a planner, a journal, or what have you, does it ever end up looking this chunky?



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