Late Night Blogging? Hmm.

Waiting until it’s almost the next day to write today’s blog may be a bad idea. I’ve been awake since 6 AM, and now that it’s almost midnight, my brain is tired and ready to go offline.

Today’s been a fairly eventful day for a variety of reasons, though most of them would probably bore everyone else.

I had a ton of journaling supplies arrive on my anniversary, and I’ve spent the last two and a half hours (yes, that long) writing in both of my Hobonichi Techos and going through, adding stickers and washi tape and making them look better than they did.

I received a book called American Gods from my friend Canova today, and I’m ready to read it even though I’m in the middle of so many other books and should probably finish reading The Lacuna first. The Lacuna has definitely held my interest far longer than I would’ve guessed.

Oh, did I mention that our cat decided to pee on our couch while we were out of town for my brother-in-law’s wedding a week or so ago? Well, the result was my attempting to use every cleaner possible to rid the couch of the smell.

No dice. The couch still smelled horrible, and it made the house smell horrible. The solution?

We’re getting rid of the couch, and according to my husband, we’re replacing it with exactly nothing because he likes the less-crowded feel of the living room.

My only concern is when we have company and are entertaining, wondering where everyone can possible sit. I guess we’ll be getting party chairs to store in the closet until such time arrives.

I really, really wanted to try to invest in a nice, plush leather recliner like my father has because it’s SO nice, and you can just completely sink into it and feel good about life.

The last two discs of Neon Genesis Evangelion came in the mail yesterday as well, and I finished watching Serial Experiments Lain which was 13 episodes of increasingly messed-up psychological storylines that have a great point illustrated through insanity and dementia. That’s definitely one anime I’ll have to go through and watch again after reading some serious commentary on it.

More entries to follow.



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