History of the Diary

Stop me if I’ve already written about this.

First grade: my teacher had us do a daily “journal” entry. I always drew pictures with mine. Then I got in trouble for drawing and writing on both the left and right side, and so I started drawing on the left side and writing on the right side.

This either began a life-long journey or fueled something already developing inside me.

Third grade: I acquired a Hello Kitty diary. I still haven’t finished it all these years later, and I didn’t fill out each day like I should have.

Elementary and Middle school: acquired a number of diaries that I never finished.

High school: finished my first diary, though it took years. Began blogging at age 17 but didn’t consider it the same as a handwritten journal.

College: began writing more consistently and actually filling up entire notebooks. Not sure how many I wrote, I think I did three total when I was 18 and 19. Still not daily. Also continued blogging.

Right out of college, I saw that a friend did something unique- she wrote down basic facts about what she had done during the course of her day on a wall calendar. I took that idea and began what I called my “Daily Short Diary” on the computer, writing down things I did. That began in 2010 and continued through 2013, though I skipped a large part of 2011.

Then I acquired a Japanese schedule diary in 2014 and used it to write down my “To Do” list each day. I realized while exploring other planners and diaries that I could have a “To Do” list AND have a handwritten diary- all in Japanese- if I did some research. That led me to getting the Molang Diary, which was really adorable.

Then I discovered the Hobonichi Techo, and I actually did manage to write in it “almost every day.” There are times when I’m too tired or sick, but I do make it a point to fill out every page.

To be honest, I’ve discovered that the Cousin (A5) size is too large for me. I LOVE the Weeks and the style of writing I do in it, but it’s so compact that honestly, I would never get around to using all the washi tape and stickers I have.

Part of my problem is my self-restraint. I try to use stickers and washi tape “sparingly” and only add a little tiny bit here and there instead of basically covering the books in as many as they will hold.

Many days, I don’t want to write more than a few basic happenings of the day. I don’t have skills strong enough in Japanese to write down philosophical thoughts and so on, and that task might become daunting even if I were writing in English. The space in the Cousin is nice when I scrapbook, but it’s still becoming too much of a “chore” as opposed to just being fun.

I’m learning to break the rules and to color and write and draw outside the lines- to cover up and do whatever I want. This is new territory for me, and that part is fun.

So 2017 will be an A6 size, almost certainly! Hopefully, they’ll have a Mother 2 theme for that one, too.






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