Miitomo Review

Nintendo has debuted a game outside of their gaming systems. I’m not sure if this is the first one, and there are probably debates about this, but I think this may be their first app for sure.

Is it good? Is it bad? Is it just blah?

Better yet, what is it?

Miitomo is a sort of social networking game- you create a character called a Mii that you can then dress and up and such. Then your Mii asks you questions, and you answer them, because who doesn’t love talking about themselves?

My Stevo Mii speaking in Japanese to me. Don’t worry, it works with the language of your phone.

Then the social networkings starts. You sign in to Facebook or Twitter, or if you’re face-to-face with someone else using the app, you can become friends with them.

Sometimes, your Mii will visit your friend’s Mii or vice-versa, and they’ll ask you questions about yourself or tell you things about themselves.

My Husband’s Mii visiting My Mii

You can pose and snap pictures of your Mii, and then post the pictures so people can leave comments and give you hearts.

There’s a virtual shop to buy new outfits for your Mii as well. The outfits are cool but expensive- the news here being that you can spend REAL WORLD MONEY to buy virtual money and then buy the outfits.

That’s the glory of Nintendo for this app- they want you to buy virtual money with your real money and then use your virtual money to buy lame costumes.

In addition, there are a series of boring/poorly designed/not fun games you can play to win terrible prizes, most of them costing about 500 coins or 1 play ticket.

So far, so good, Miitomo is only interesting because it’s new and from Nintendo. Answering questions is by far the most fun part, and even that is something to be saved for when you’re on a long ride or having to wait for something. It doesn’t seem like the sort of primary social networking that one might do, either.

It also doesn’t help that so far, I only have three friends.

It also doesn’t help that so far, the room my Mii is in can’t be changed, just his clothing.

Miitomo is vaguely reminiscent of Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS, except it’s lacking all the additional tedious elements that might actually make Miitomo fun because Miitomo is interactive with other people.

One extremely disappointing aspect is that there’s no way to give gifts to friends. I can’t buy a shirt and give it to my husband’s Mii, for instance. At least not yet- maybe that’s a feature that will open up later on or will exist in a future version.

Nintendo has done it again- somewhere between Tomodachi Life and Miitomo is a great game that they’ve failed to make and instead have given two sub-par products that become tedious quickly. Nintendo seems to do this often- they create a game that’s just enough fun to be addictive without actually making it something worthy of celebration.

Also, the very first thing that happened upon downloading is that the app started and then had to download an additional patch.

Then when I tried to enter my birthday, it kept going a month or a day ahead of my actual birthday- and then I couldn’t change it. I had to delete the app, reinstall it, and then put the wrong month and day for the correct month and day to show up. Call me crazy, but that’s awfully buggy upon initial release.

Anyway! If you have a smartphone, you can try Miitomo. It’s free. And I need more friends.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Then again, your mileage may vary, and it may be the sort of relaxation you need.



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