Life After Death, Resurrection, and the True Easter

The rain, after three days and three nights, has finally (seemingly) ceased.

My cat meowed at the back door- he has us trained to let him in and out of the house. To my surprise, as I opened the door, the sun blazed from the west, shimmering on the lawn-turned-lake.

And my body heaved a sigh of relief- gladness filled me, finally, after three days and three nights.

The flash of insight struck quickly, and I had this realization: the relief I felt that the sun had now come out must be parallel to the relief one feels upon the death of the body. The heavy burdens and problems of this life suddenly released, there we are, in the glory of a new dawn.

That is, if there is life after death. I’m not sure there’s a way to demonstrably prove that. Some go so far as to suggest that there’s no evidence whatsoever for life after death, but some people have had the experience for themselves and know otherwise. I place my trust in the experience and not in other people’s guesses.

Enough people have told me that I “chose” to be gay or that I’m “just confused” or that I’m doing this all to “spite God” and so on when I know that none of these things are true. I know what the experience is like from the inside- others are not in a position to argue with me about that experience.

That’s not the point of this entry, however. The point is that Easter became clear to me, especially with the weirdly lived-out symbolism of three days and three nights of the rain and storm. When it wasn’t raining, there was still no sun- no way to absorb all the water that’s now standing in our lawns, the water through which we will still have to walk.

But now the sun’s out. Now the water will evaporate.

The weather forecast suggests this will all happen again this next week.  But the forecasts can be incorrect, and often are. I’m okay with that. I hope they’re incorrect.

For now, I’m just relieved. This is the True Easter- RELIEF.




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