I don’t mind rain. When I was a kid, in fact, I loved overcast days more than sunny ones.

The problem with rain these days is that our lawn floods easily. Currently, the back yard is almost entirely underwater. I’m not exaggerating. That then creates the issue of my dogs not wanting to go outside to potty, which then worries me that they might try to potty in the house, and…you can see the tiny stresses that build up around rain.

Electrical storms are another issue. Too many of our appliances are too expensive to leave plugged up during such a storm, so I have to unplug them, at least for a while.

The trouble is that these latest storms have been nothing but a constant rain and almost constant thunder.


Oh, well.

In good news, I have a “Pop Tart Tea Party” planned with a friend in a week! I’m so excited! And my brother-in-law is getting married in two weeks! Doubly excited!

Accentuate the positive…but in the meantime, I’d like someone to drain this rain.



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