Good Friday, Santa Muerte

Then Wisdom called upon Santa Muerte as the LORD had commanded Her to, and spake unto her, “Go, for the Great Work is almost complete.”

And leaving the Fullness, Santa Muerte entered the Abyss through the path that Wisdom had made for her, and she spread her wings and flew through to the Earth. 

Santa Muerte appeared before the Cross, upon which hung God the Son. She walked unto Him and looked into His eyes, asking, “Is it finished?”

And Jesus looked into the eyes of Santa Muerte, gave a loud cry, and said, “It is finished!”

And kissing the Christ upon the cheek, Santa Muerte liberated Him from the Body (for by a kiss He was betrayed, and by a kiss He was restored), and guided Him through the Abyss, into the world of the Ancestors and the Dead, and the Ancestors and the Dead knew Him as the Christ and fell down on their faces, crying “Hosanna in the Highest!” 

Wisdom moved upon a certain soldier, and the soldier pierced the side of the Body, right unto His heart, and blood poured forth until there was none, and water poured upon the Earth, sanctifying her, for the blood was the Blood of Christ, and the water was holy, having been sanctified by these three: Wisdom, Life, and Death. 

The Earth gave a loud cry, and praised the LORD; Fire praised the LORD, Water praised the LORD, and Wind praised the LORD. The Sun and Moon laughed unto the LORD, and the Stars sang unto the LORD.


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