Art Boost

I haven’t posted much art lately on Facebook. I’m still drawing each day, though. But mainly, I’ve been sketching and practicing, attempting to boost my skills.

So I looked for art models online and found a book as well. The reason I need a book is because my tablet connects to the computer and shows up on the main computer screen. I can use the tablet as “another monitor,” but it gets confused and difficult to manipulate some of the settings that don’t automatically show up, so I just allow it mirror what’s on the screen instead.

That means, effectively, that I can’t have my program open AND have the reference to look at on my monitor. Sad day.

And besides that, I can take the book anywhere with me along with my sketchbook.

At first, I was simply drawing what I saw. That’s a good technique and something many artists strive for. However, my interest is in drawing manga, so…

I had to switch over to sketching how the bodies are posed, how they fit together. Imagining the body like puzzle pieces, really applying my knowledge of blocking, and then drawing from the reference is probably the fastest way to create great manga characters.

All it takes is practice, and more practice, and some knowledge. Lots of knowledge.



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