New Directions?

My heart is bursting with so many wonderful things.

Most of you who know me well would know that I’m able to pinch pennies until they scream loudly. I’m the one who looks for deals, for used products that are still in good condition, for reduced prices.

I believe that one man’s unwanted things are another man’s treasures, and I’m living proof of finding such treasures.

Lately, I find myself finding all those reduced prices and making cost-effective investments. There’s no better feeling than knowing I got a fantastic deal.

My life is going in a new direction. I’m not sure what exactly that direction is, but so far, so good, I’m not complaining. Things are changing for me spiritually. I’m going back to the Episcopal Church and slowly backing away from Unitarian Universalism, as blessed as they are! Gotta get things in gear with Jesus and do the Good Work for the Good Lord.

I’ve thought about making this blog into a Hobonichi Techo blog- I mean, where I write about my Techo and show a picture each day. A better idea would be to make one day of the week “Hobonichi Techo Day” and use that. How does “Hobonichi Techo Tuesdays” sound???

My Hobonichi Weeks arrived today. I still have no idea what I’m going to use it for, but I’m inspired and passionate and had the money for it and got a good deal, so all’s going well in that department. IT WILL BE DECORATIVE AND SPLENDID BY THE TIME I’M DONE!!!

Sometimes, I feel like if I used profanity in my blog, my points would be more clear. Thoughts?



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