Why It’s a Good Idea to Not Piss Me Off

First, I’ll be angry, and I’ll be incredibly angry for a while.

But I’ll get over my anger.

And after I get over my anger, I will relentlessly make fun of you.

Then I will possibly seek revenge.

In other words, you open season on yourself.

Let me remind everyone that I learned an entire language (and not one of the easier ones) because a company in the 1990s decided to take a cartoon, make egregious edits, censor it, completely change the story, and then sell it to me and the other young people of the era.

Yes, I liked the old Sailor Moon dub when I first saw it- until I learned exactly how much of the story had been cut out or changed because someone else decided they knew better than I what kind of story I might like.

Hell hath known no fury so great.

Thus I learned Japanese and write in my diary in Japanese now.

And that was over a cartoon.

Imagine the enemy I could become if the situation dealt with something that mattered!

Warn everyone. They need the warning. They need to acquire talismans and prayers to protect themselves.

Sailor Moon has since been relicensed and is experiencing a new English dub that’s an actual translation of the story, and I’ve watched a few of the important episodes. Believe it or not, I approve, and now I’m a little more okay with watching Japanese cartoons dubbed into English.




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