Maximizing Worth

Do you ever have the weird experience where you buy something, and then, even though you have that thing, you want…another one?

A newer one?

A larger one?

A smaller one?

A different one?

It doesn’t have to be with everything, just…anything.

Since I’ve written recently about how I’m practically drooling over the Hobonichi Weeks, I thought it would be good to point out the process going on here.

I’ve been using my Hobonichi Cousin for almost three months now, so it’s still mostly blank. Sometimes I feel less fulfilled with it than my Original (A6) size from last year.

It’s strange that my concern is that the Cousin has “too much space” in it, yet I’m thinking about getting another Techo on top of this one! What could I possibly use it for? Would I abandon the cousin?

And then it hit me- I’m not using the Cousin to is full potential. I’m not creating the styles and formats I want to make it look aesthetically pleasing. God knows I’ve skipped coloring any number of pages only to go back later and fill them in.

Overall, it looks messier than my Original from 2015, and I’m unhappy about that. The Original was supposed to be my “test” version, and the Cousin my FOR REAL ZOMG I’M INTO HOBONICHI version, yet the enthusiasm with which I adopted the Original doesn’t seem to have passed on as clearly to the Cousin.

See how much I overthink things?

I did start adding washi tape to my pages, and I started putting more stickers in the Cousin. That’s really helping me feel better about how “plain” it looks.

Maybe I just really appreciate other people’s ideas and contributions and get so excited that I want to use them as well!

Other people’s artistry and creativity definitely inspire me.

I’m not sure if that’s a statement for celebration or a dire warning to all who know me.



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