Tales of Spiritual Journeys

My “spiritual journey,” if one might call it that, is and has been the main plot of my entire life.

Unfortunately for me and everyone else, it’s a story still being written, so this world will have to suffer my presence for a while longer.

Thus, it’s refreshing and encouraging when other people share their spiritual stories with me. How did they get to where they are? What happened along the way? Did they find something and discover they were happy with it? Did they settle for something that fit just because they could find nothing else that worked?
These are the conversations that I enjoy having.

One of my friends practices Mormonism. I asked her if she had been raised Mormon or if she had converted. Her answer surprised me: she said “Both!” So I prompted her for an explanation.

From her point of view, being raised in the tradition wasn’t the end of learning about the tradition; as a teenager, she made it a point to learn as much as she could about Mormonism and then made an informed decision of the pros and cons and why she would remain Mormon.

Her story was incredible!

My story is too long to tell. Maybe one day, when it’s finished, I’ll write it as a book. The trouble is that things happen, issues resolved, revelations occur, but I don’t know how they all fit together, and even that may not be something that ends up being intelligible to other people.

And even if I don’t succeed, at least I’ll die trying!



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