Escape Manor, Panama City

When my husband was in Las Vegas on his most recent Temporary Duty, he ventured with his co-workers one night to one an Escape Room, one of the most interesting things that people are getting into these days.

Escape Rooms have you find clues and solve puzzles, riddles, and so on in order to solve an overall mystery- all within a limited amount of time.

A friend suggested we visit the Escape Manor in Panama City, and so we gathered this past Sunday and did just that.

Oh, MAN. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it is!

I also can’t tell you any of the secrets or details because I signed a top secret contract.

But everyone has to sign that.

Our room was called “The Attic.” You can read about it on the official website here. 

With the six of us working together, we found the various clues and pieces of the puzzle and put them together. Some aspects are a little more obvious than others.

In the room, a screen gave us the TIME REMAINING and also showed us hints from time to time. This was an enormous help.

For a hot second there, we thought we weren’t going to finish- the last pieces were really confusing because of certain actions that we did.

The Asylum- the other room- isn’t open yet, but I’m READY to go do that one as well!

The game is fast-paced as well; you’re literally doing something at every moment. There’s not a point where everyone just stops and hangs out or anything like that- each moment is crucial, your mind is constantly in gear, and people are constantly putting together clues and thinking the process through.

If you have a chance to do an Escape Room, DO IT. Escape Manor in Panama City has nothing but GREAT reviews!



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