Of Fruit Trees on Sidewalks

A friend posted a meme the other day of an orange tree and how trees on sidewalks should be replaced with fruit trees. The idea is that in summer and fall, the fruit would ripen, and homeless and unemployed people would have a way to eat.

Being something of a psychological masochist or highly intuitive or both, I went to the original post and saw the rash of comments popping up in response to it. People said idiotic things like, “Yeah, but what if I parked my car under the tree and the fruit fell on it?” or “Yeah, but what if nobody picked the fruit and it rotted and fell on the sidewalk and we had to step over it?”

I really wonder sometimes how people can push the boundaries of stupidity. It’s like they see the threshold, then decide to declare war on it and bomb the threshold because they really believe that there are “Weapons of Mass Destruction” beyond the threshold, and lo and behold, there are no weapons of mass destruction, but the threshold has successfully been bombed, and they find a whole new threshold of stupidity to attack.

Here’s an idea for the idiots in question: how ’bout not parking your car under the hypothetical fruit tree? Or how about learning that your having to step over a piece of rotten fruit is far less a burden in life than starvation?

Arguments that were slightly less idiotic were along the lines of, “Yeah, but what if people who aren’t starving and can afford to buy fruit take all the fruit?”

That translates to something like, “Well, someone might abuse this, so we shouldn’t even try.”

Now, provided, there are a number of circumstances where that logic would prevail and actually make sense- some things in life are actually too risky to let anyone try lest it become abused.

Fruit trees? Come on, really?

Actually, I wish those same people would park under a fruit tree and have a piece of fruit smack into their cars. They’re obviously terrible human beings and deserve to have bad things happen to them if feeding the poor is seen as a crime in their eyes.






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