Unhappy with My Oratory, This Happened

I’m a huge (if not the world’s biggest) proponent of having some sort of sacred space set aside in one’s home if at all possible. I realize that not everyone has that kind of luxury, and not everyone is on a spiritual path with which they can be open.

Nonetheless, I had a sort of oratory set up for some time here, but it was in a room that serves a purpose for exercise and storage as well, and since my husband couldn’t plainly see that his storage was encroaching upon my system of shrines and sacred spaces, I decided to return to Plan 1, which was to have my prayer corners in the living room and main area and to use the dining room table as the space for any kind of major ritual/prayer I needed to do.

So this is the result of what happened:

FullSizeRender 43.jpg

The ancestor shrine has also been updated and moved into the main room so that I can always have my ancestors close by. Woohoo!

Anyway, now when I study the Scriptures or pray or whatnot, I won’t feel like all the tools are in the other room and stuffed away. Instead, this will be part of my life on a daily basis again (as it once was), and I think I’ll be more comfortable with that.

Jesus still needs to be placed securely on the wall, but I couldn’t get the pushpins to go in. Now when I look up from my computer, this is what I see.


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