Structure and Society

To what extent does society need structure?

This is actually not only a good question but an important one. The debate among different groups of people arise at a point that they rarely articulate- at what point in time must one enforce the structure of a society? At what point in time does society fall apart? How far can individual freedom go before the individual freedom begins to infringe upon the freedom of other people?

Certainly there are cases where people feel that their own freedom is being infringed upon when it is not. The Marriage Equality situation is one where a huge misunderstanding has taken place- the blatant lie that Marriage Equality infringes upon the Freedom of Religion of some is pretty popular in some circles and a contemporary example.

Must individuals submit to a higher authority? In some cases, it’s a matter of practical reality. We as individuals are almost always beholden to the rule of a group. Even a totalitarian dictator relies on the support of other individuals and a fear of his power; he is free in a practical way but could easily lose that freedom should his supporters turn on him.

Again, the question is not “Does society need structure?” as society will develop some kind of order by the very nature of individuals cooperating with one another. This is something people might easily misunderstand.

On another note entirely, today I read one of the most horrible pieces of Youth Group Leadership from an Evangelical Christian that I’ve ever read. Have you ever read something that was so horrific, so vile, so obviously wrong on so many levels that you couldn’t believe that someone would suggest those things?

I guess I’ve grown a lot as a Christian to the extent that when I encounter such horrible distortions of Christianity that I react more strongly than I should. Didn’t Christ say, “Peace, be still” somewhere? If only I could have peace and be still. Maybe I’ll find that article again and do a reasonable breakdown of each of the points, pointing out the mistakes and terrible theology.

Needless to say, fundamentalist Christianity isn’t impressive in any regard, and it breaks my heart.



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